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Power Management ICs
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Syntony Utensil
Analog switches and multiplexers
RS485/RS422 Transceivers
  The UM9X0 family, with 5-20W, integrated a 650V power MOS has been marketed comprehensively 2010-8-16
  The LED driver back lighting for LCD used in many giant... 2010-1-23
  The LED lighting market share of the UM7X0 family has surpassed 20%. 2010-1-22
  The UM8X0 family, with 5-20W, integrated a 650V power MOS ... 2010-1-22
  The sals of the AC-DC chip UM620 has been up to 3KK from 2008-01. 2009-1-5
  The market share of the low dropout regulator SE8117 has raised to 60% in the STB market. 2008-6-3
  According to the market... 2008-4-26
  The Syntony Utensil of Malaysia made will sell in China. 2008-4-12

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